Spaying & Neutering Pets

Cats breed most of the year and can have up to 10 kittens per litter. If a female cat gets pregnant three times a year, she can produce up to 30 cats.

Spaying and neutering pets (and the feral cats and dogs) here in Cyprus is vital to keep populations down and prevent suffering.

Our Pet Rescues

Every cat and dog we rescue here at Cyprus Pride House is sterilised when they are old enough. It is not cheap to fund in Cyprus.

How You Can Help

If you are in Cyprus and paid to get just one cat sterilised, you would save the lives of many kittens and the mother.

Please do your part to help. If everyone did, think of the number of lives it would save. Likewise, the suffering you would help stop. Always haggle the cost of the sterilising with your vet if you want to sterilise more than one cat or dog.


If there was a free service to get stray cats and dogs neutered and spayed, it would reduce the number of strays and prevent illness among them.

If we had the money, we would try to neuter/spay all the strays, but it is impossible to do this alone. We do run TNR programs when we have the funds to do so.