During the 17 years Cyprus Pride House has been saving lives, we’ve always paid for and used our own vehicle for rescuing cats and dogs. However, we just can’t afford to do this any more. The repairs, regular services, tax, MOT and insurance are more than we can earn for ourselves and have, up until now, never used donations to cover this. Our old vehicle has become unreliable, plus it is too small for large dog boxes – they just won’t fit!

Can you help us raise funds to purchase a second-hand van for our rescue work? Thank you for whatever you can donate.

There are many cats surviving on the streets of Cyprus and many volunteers that try to provide food and shelter for them. But to really give them a chance to survive, they need sterilising and flea/worm treating to stop colonies getting bigger and bigger. It gets to the stage where some nasty person throws poison down to destroy them all.

Please help us keep the numbers down and stop the suffering to give these streets cats a better quality of life. Thank you.