Billy – Our Mascot

When Michael and I first moved to Cyprus in 2002, we had three cats living in our garden – Billy, his brother Chan and their mum Misty. We immediately started to care for them. Billy and Chan were just 2 months old and we had Misty sterilised, so she didn’t have more.

Misty stayed with us for 3 years. Sadly, one day, she simply disappeared – we never found out what happened to her. We had Chan until he was 5 years old until, one day, he too suddenly disappeared.

When we first met Billy, he had a very bad cold and needed treatment. He got better and grew up into a very tall and large boy – at 3 years of age he weight 8 kilos! Now, 15 years on, he is still with us and we hope he will continue to be for many years. He is healthy and happy, although not 8 kilos any more, as he has lost some weight due to old age – and being fussy over his food! He had to have the tips of his ears removed because they got burnt by the sun a few years ago, and we needed to prevent them getting cancerous.

Billy likes to rub his nose against my nose and has the sweetest little chatter.

Billy is our special boy and CPH’s mascot.

Billy aged 6 in 2008

Billy aged 7

Billy in 2017

Billy, our special boy