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23 January 2023   Bath   

We rescued Alley just before Christmas, in the beginning he was quite a nervous boy but now he is starting to warm up to everything. He has a big brother cat, and they have bonded so quickly and I feel as though Alley is right at home!

June was great through out the whole process, informing me of the details of the trip over and answered all my questions 😊 thank you for everything! CPH do such an amazing job, would very much recommend adopting from them 🐾

16 January 2023   Plymouth   

One of my cats sadly passed away at the beginning of December. I still had Daisy left but felt that we (myself and son Alex, 11) had space in our house and hearts for another. I started researching online and came across Cyprus Pride House. There was one kitten who caught my attention! In one of her photos she had her tongue poking out!

I enquired about her and the process was started. A few weeks later and she was here. She is such a loving cat and is by my side all the time! She even sleeps in the bed with me! (Apparently she used to do that with june!) since adopting sedonia I was able to see her before video and how poorly she was… it broke my heart to see this but thanks to the amazing treatment and care from june sedonia was able to make a full recovery. Thankyou 🐾🐈‍⬛

9 January 2023   London   

My partner and I adopted Mallory from Cyprus Pride House just before Christmas.

She's an incredibly resilient, adventurous and playful kitten who was brought to June with bad eye infections. This means Mallory is blind - she just has a little bit of vision. We thought we'd be getting a shy little kitten who needed lots of coaxing to be part of the family... well, we were wrong about that!

This has been an amazing experience for us. Everything was really smooth, with our home being checked out and plenty of contact with June and her UK volunteers before we went ahead with the adoption. Mallory is a tiny tornado. Far from shy, she is the naughtiest cat either of us have had, but we absolutely love her! She's a great fit with our other cats, and came in good health with vaccinations done and recorded in her pet passport.

I'd definitely recommend adopting from CPH to anyone. These cats have personality and are so loveable, and actually it's a pretty easy, stress-free process!

7 December 2022   East Midlands   

We have had our kittens, Benji and Bonita, for a couple of weeks now. Adopting from June at Cyprus Pride House is very straightforward and the kittens had been very well cared for. Communication is excellent and I now count June as a good friend. We absolutely love our little kittens already and are looking forward to so many cat cuddles 🙂

7 December 2022   Loughborough   

I am a first time adoptee from June and can't thank her enough for allowing me to adopt Lolita and Nova (was Aloha). They have filled our hearts with love and joy and settled in so easily. You can tell June has shown them love and care to prepare them for their forever homes. The adoption process was simple and within 10 days my 2 girls were home. Thank you again to June and the volunteers/adoptee's that assisted in Lolita and Nova finding their new family

6 December 2022   Brighton   

It was our first time adopting a cat from abroad. June made the whole process very easy and straight forward. We adopted violetta she is a lovely social cat who loves cuddles and is exactly how June described her. The collection process was well organised thank you to all involved! During the whole process we were well informed and kept updated. I would recommend adopting a cat from here with no hesitations! June does an amazing job in cyprus. Thanks again x

5 December 2022  

Just adopted my second Cyprus cat, after 15 years with wonderful Jasper. Rodon (renamed William) is amazing - June knows and loves every animal in her care, and he is the perfect match. She also made the whole process very straightforward, together with her dedicated volunteers. Thank you for providing me with another beloved companion x

12 November 2022   Sussex   

We have now adopted two dogs and a cat from June over the last nine years. Two weeks ago our cat Iona arrived after we saw her on Junes Facebook page. She’s such a lovely cat and so brave that she’s made friends with our dog already (and he’s very full on!).
The process for adopting was easy and June provided all the information we needed. Iona arrived within about three weeks of our initial enquiry. We wouldn’t hesitate to adopt from June again and would recommend other people to do the same.

7 November 2022   Newcastle upon Tyne, UK   

While on holiday in Limassol in August we came across an adorable cat who was one of many living in the hotel grounds. Bou (as we later named her) was in very poor health and was struggling to survive. After contacting various animal shelters and vets, June was the only person who would help us. Not only did we adopt Bou - which was a very easy process - June looked after her for 2 months until she was fit to travel. She would not have survived without June taking care of her and we are eternally grateful for all that she does and continues to do for these poor animals. Bou has been at her furever home for a week now and we absolutely adore her. Please seriously consider adopting an animal from CPH, you will not regret it.

6 November 2022   Emsworth, UK   

He's small, he's fluffy, he's Lil' Spicey! We found the online ad for adoption after losing our beloved Mr Baggins and when we saw Lil' Spicey's photo it melted our hearts and we knew he needed to come and live with us.
This tiny one eyed ball of floof living in Cyprus needing his forever home. After going through the adoption process and having an anxious wait for him to arrive we collected him from the airport and got him back to his forever home and we have not looked back.
I think he knows he's onto a good thing and gets lot of love and cuddles...until he's over charged and gets the zoomies.
Would we adpot from Cyprus Pride House, definitley! June is doing a fantastic job out there and needs all the support she can get.