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26 December 2023   France   

Our two pointer labrador cross brothers came to us from CPH over ten years ago and the third dog joined them a few years later after we had moved from the UK to France.
June has been brilliant every step of the way and we are so lucky to have found her an to have been able to help her a little in her endless quest to rescue the strays of Cyprus.

15 October 2023   Ruislip   

I adopted Lane on 8th October and so glad I did. In just one short week he has brought me so much joy.
June did all the hard work with making the arrangements to get him to the UK, everything was so straight forward.
Lane is an adorable cat who has settled into his new home so quickly.
If you are considering adopting a cat or dog then please do so from June. The process couldn’t be more seamless and these animals really appreciate being given a new start.
June, thank you for everything x

12 October 2023   Solihull   

We adopted Jax on 8th October. June was absolutely brilliant and the whole process was so straightforward. The pet couriers that June uses were excellent. The animals were very well looked after during their journey and they arrived happy and healthy.
Jax - now renamed Jack is the most beautiful, loving little dog and he is settling in so well. Cyprus Pride House is an amazing organisation and June is an incredible lady. She is always on hand with advice and information . There is a lovely community of fellow adopters too. If you are thinking about having a rescue dog from her - don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it.

12 October 2023   Leeds   

I adopted Joey, a 16 week old puppy in I think mid-August and he arrived here in the UK the first week of October (he had to be 15+ weeks to fly). Bearing in mind this was an overseas rescue/adoption, June made the whole process simple and straight forward.

Joey is lovely and we are all so excited to have him with us, he is affectionate, healthy and full of energy. Clearly June had looked after him and shown him the love that little puppies need.

Pride House is a small one person operation that deserves as much support as possible. June is doing an incredible job, rescuing and looking after stray dogs and cats and, when possible helping them find loving homes. I cannot thank June enough for finding Joey for us and for all of the time, effort and work she puts in to helping animals live the life they deserve.

16 July 2023   London   

I adopted little Aziza from June/CPH, and I couldn't be happier. It's clear she received a lot of help and love in her transition to being here with me, she is so loving, affectionate and brave, you would not know that she had such a difficult start in life! The whole process only took a couple of weeks and there was plenty of information, help and guidance along the way, especially if you're a first time cat owner like me and willing to learn from people who are much more experienced. She's settling in so well. Thank you so much to June and CPH, Alison, Maureen, and everyone else who is involved in helping to relocate these strays that otherwise would have had no chance at a safe and fulfilling life. You make such a difference. I'll be sure to sing CPH's graces to anyone willing to hear and I'd definitely consider adopting again if my situation allows it in the future. Thank you!

16 July 2023   Berkshire   

Dear june
Thank you for letting us adopt Cosmo. He is the most wonderful little cat and is already settling in so well. It was an easy process. After completing the house check, we were accepted and june arranged all the health checks, passport and paperwork and we picked him up from the airport . Thank you

11 May 2023   UK   

If you are ever thinking of adopting, come here, June and CPH are just amazing in what they do to support cats (and dogs) have a better life... most having had a poor start in life and needing a furever home full of love and affection. I haven't looked back... having adopted Freddie first 18 month ago.. a street wise kitten at the time, and now a fully fledged puss in my home alongside his older (8years) brother and sister (they are rescues as well), they get on well... and then came another 2!! Maisie and Millie have just arrived and just needed to be loved and nurtured and along with their extended cat family now (and yes thats 5 I have.. you get past 3 and 5 is no issue). They all play, they all interact and most of all they have a home they can be safe in 😻😻😻😻😻

1 May 2023   Southampton   

Very recently adopted a handsome long haired kitty called Luga from June. I first spotted and fell in love with him on the pets 4 homes website, when I realised he was in Cyprus I first panicked and thought it would be a very difficult process to get him over to England. I soon realised the process was simple and smooth, excellent communication both with Alison at beginning, then June and finally Ro at the end! What’s more it felt so exciting picking up Luga from the airport. He’s only been in his new home for a few days but he’s the most gorgeous affectionate cat I have ever known and seems so content. Just want to thank June for all her hard work in Cyprus rescuing these beautiful animals - she deserves a medal and thank you to Alison and Ro for their assistance in making it happen! I’m so happy I adopted from CPH and can’t wait to give Luga the life he deserves.

1 May 2023   Sutton   

It's an amazing job June is doing taking the unloved animals in Cyprus and finding them caring homes in the UK. It was just by chance I saw Rico on an ad and contacted. The whole process was great and June and her UK based help made it straightforward for me to get Rico home to me. Their info and checks show just how much they all care about finding these pets loving homes.

1 May 2023   Kent   

We adopted Pathos last month and collected him last Friday (28th) from Heathrow. Was a little nervous as we couldn't physically see him before we adopted but the processes were straightforward and made very easy by Alison who did the home visit through to Roisin who handed him over on arrival.
June obviously cares very much for these animals, you can see in how ready they are to give you affection and love.
I would definitely recommend going to June if you want a cat or dog, I am so impressed with all of it. We were kept informed of everything and any questions we had were quickly answered by June either on email or WhatsApp.
We' d definitely pick this place again if we were to adopt another.