The poisoning of pets and strays sadly happens in Cyprus every single day.

It is so simple and easy to go and buy the lethal poison over the counter – people then put a bit on some meat and leave it on the streets, beaches and parks for a poor stray cat or dog to eat. This leads to a terrible and painful death for the animal.

Poison is Put Out to Kill

It’s not just the strays that pick the meat up – it is someone’s pet cat or dog. For example, an owner may be out walking their dog which eats some poisoned meat, and it will die within minutes. Poison is quick and lethal. If the medicine is not given IMMEDIATELY the animal will endure terrible suffering before dying.

I’ve had 2 of my cats poisoned at 2 AM in the morning – and trying to get a vet at that time of the morning is nearly enough impossible. Luckily, we had the medication to give them a fighting chance and then managed to find a vet that answered his telephone. We were able to rush them straight to him, 20 kilometres from our house. After 48 hours on a drip, thankfully our cats survived and are well again, but we live in fear every day wondering when it will happen again.

Nothing Ever Gets Done

The police get reports of poisoning of animals every day, but unless someone is caught red-handed putting the poison down, the police cannot do anything.

For years, petitions have been signed and sent to the Government begging them to stop the sale of poisons over the counter, but still, the Government has done nothing.

Get Medicine – Be Prepared

Visit your vet and tell him you wish to buy the medication to treat poisoning. After which, you should carry it with you at all times and have quick access to it in your home.

Ask your vet to teach you how to give the medicine to your pet. Also, keep a written note with the medicine to remind you how much to administer.

Don’t put this important visit off. GO TODAY or you will be sorry if you can’t save the life of your pet or a poor stray laying suffering in front of you.