Starving or Injured Puppies or Dogs

Many puppies and dogs get abandoned in Cyprus and will either starve to death or get hit by a car and killed. If you see a starving dog or one that is injured, please do not pass by in the hope someone else will help it – then it could be too late.


Get the dog to the vets for any injuries and make sure you tell the vet you found the dog and it is not yours, but you are prepared to pay the costs.

Check to see if the animal is microchipped while at the vet.


Small puppies need warmth like a baby, so use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Keep the water in the bottle warm at all times. Ask your vet for further advice for puppies under a month old.


Worm the dog immediately (puppies from 3 weeks).

Flea treatment also needs to be given. Be careful as some flea treatments are not suitable for puppies.

Vaccinate the puppy as soon as possible against Parvovirus.


Mother with pups: feed them both mother and pups with puppy food, not adult food.

If a dog won’t eat, then it is sick and needs a vet. Probably just needs some antibiotics for an internal infection, but if there’s an injury this will need immediate vet treatment. If you can’t afford the vet bill all at once explain this and arrange to pay weekly or monthly – a good vet will understand especially for a stray dog. It will not be too expensive whatever the treatment. Check to see if the animal is microchipped while at the vet.


If you live in Cyprus, then take the dog/pup home and get it healthy before finding it a new home, or ask a friend to foster it until a permanent home is found. Don’t just leave it and hope someone else will care of it – it doesn’t often happen that way. No excuses that you don’t have room – there is always room – look at us!

Use a spare room or shed or the garden with a warm and dry shelter. The poor dog does not deserve to be left to die, and they cannot survive alone as well as cats.

If you find a mother with pups, please get them to a safe place (if you cannot take them home) and feed them – puppy food for both mother and pups, not adult food.


If you are only in Cyprus on a short visit then ring around all the animal shelters, get a phone number for another shelter if they cannot help. This is a last resort as all shelters are full and if they take another animal it could mean one being destroyed.

It is free to advertise for a new home in the local newspapers (Cyprus Mail and Cyprus Weekly), as long as you don’t want money for the animal. Make sure the animal goes to a good home not to just anyone and make sure they are not going to breed it. If possible, make them pay to have it sterilised before handing it over so you have peace of mind. There are thousands of dogs in Cyprus that need homes and many are being destroyed every day.

Don’t expect someone else to help the animal – open your heart and help an animal as you would want to be helped.