Sick or Injured Cat

A sick cat will die without help. A simple worming tablet or a course of antibiotics could save a cat’s life – medications you can easily buy at a pharmacy or vet. Most cats die of worms, diarrhoea or cat flu – all treatable.

If You Find an Injured Cat

Get the cat to the vets for any injuries. Make sure you tell the vet you found the cat and it is not yours, but you are prepared to pay the costs.

Check to see if the animal is microchipped while at the vet.

How to Treat Worms or Diarrhoea

Symptoms of worms: underweight, eating lots but not gaining weight.

Treatment: Boiled chicken and worming tablet (just one worming tablet for an adult cat or half for a kitten between 6 months of age under a year old). Repeat every week for 3 weeks if very underweight, and then every 2 months. Many pharmacies will have cat worming tablets if you can’t find a vet – ask for Cestal or Drontal for cats.

How to Treat Cat Flu

Symptoms of flu: runny nose, sneezing, running or infected eyes. So many cats lose their eyes because they don’t get treatment for the infection.

Treatment: 5-14 days of antibiotics and eye drops every day (3 times a day if possible) will save a cat’s eyes and its life! Even if you can only treat a cat for 3 or 4 days, it will give it a fighting chance of survival.

Antibiotics: If you can’t find a vet, then a pharmacy will have antibiotics you can use for a cat. Many human medicines in Cyprus are prescribed for animals – including antibiotics Amoxicillin or Oxytetracycline. Email us on dosage advice if you can’t contact a vet.

Antibiotic eye drops: Tobrex or Fucidine eye ointment.

Please contact us if you need further advice, but we can only offer advice right now – we cannot take on any more animals until our situation eases.