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Dog Senior Medium Female
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  • About LARA

    DOB:  2016


    Hound/pointer x.  Medium size

    Although an older dog Lara is full of life!  She loves playing and also loves lots of cuddles and attention.  She shares my sanctuary home with other dogs which she has started to play with now she is settled here.  Plays with toys and balls but also likes to snuggle with me on the sofa.

    She has spent her first 8 years kept by hunters in a cage 24/7 until the day they abandoned her to the streets to starve.  When I found her she was like a skeleton and covered in ticks, just standing in the middle of the road.  I was driving and pulled over and she instantly came to me, head down but wagging her tail, asking, praying someone would help her which of course I did. She is so loyal and would give so much love to someone in a home of her own with lots of love and attention, that she so deserves.

    Although I have put she is good with cats, she would need to be supervised around them.  She comes into my home which is full of rescue cats and is fine, but I supervise her and don’t let her wander around.  I do not know if she would chase in the garden as she is an ex hunting dog.

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