About Us

Cyprus Pride House was established in 2002 and is run by June and Michael. Here’s our story…

We moved to Cyprus from England in June 2002, hoping to begin a peaceful, simple life relaxing in the sun by the sea. Unfortunately, it has turned out everything but simple – we don’t have the time or the money for relaxation and enjoyment, but instead struggle every day to help the poor cats and dogs that are suffering to survive and avoid cruelty.

Since we moved to Cyprus, we have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over a thousand abandoned and abused cats and dogs from our home. We also run a programme of neutering and feeding street cats and dogs.

Every day is a struggle and we really need your donations and support. Every penny goes to the animals’ care.


We’ve rescued cats that have been hit by cars, resulting in broken bones and many other injuries. Many cats here have cat flu, worms, diarrhoea or infections, which can often result in a cat losing its eyesight. Some are simply starving to death.

Kittens are thrown onto the street or in dustbins, too young to survive alone, or left hungry and scared after their mums are killed by cars.

We’ve hand-reared so many kittens, some from just hours of them being born and even straight from the corpse of their mother who got killed on the road.

We do not rescue healthy cat colonies – our aim is not to change the lifestyle of these cats by removing them from their natural and familiar environments. We do, however, feed them, run a trap-neuter-release programme (when we have the funds to do so) and will help individual cats in a colony that are sick/injured.


Cyprus is overrun with stray dogs. The shelters are full and struggling financially – and many healthy dogs are destroyed every day as there’s no room for them. It’s a very sad situation.

Dogs are dumped, even thrown out on the motorway. Puppies are put in plastic bags and thrown in a dustbin or on the side of the road.

Hunting dogs are abandoned if they can’t hunt, or are just thrown out after the hunting season finishes.

Even dog owners just let their unsterilized dogs run freely, so pregnancies then occur and the puppies often get dumped. Or a stray mother tries not only to feed herself, but her many pups too – they don’t have a chance on the streets.


We’d love to find all the pets a home in Cyprus, but this isn’t possible – everyone here who loves animals already has too many adopted pets, and the shelters are completely full.

The country is overrun with strays, so there is nowhere for the poor creatures to go.

We help by rescuing as many as possible but, as much as we love every single one of them, we don’t have the money, capacity, space or enough energy to keep taking them into our home. Unfortunately without our help (and other rescues like us) they will suffer and die.

Thankfully, with the help of friends and supporters back in the UK, we are able to find homes for many of the rescued animals in the UK and other European countries.

We have rehomed many hundreds of cats and dogs all over Europe, so please consider adopting wherever it is you live. The adoption process really is simple, and there’s no more quarantine in the EU.

All the Cyprus cats and dogs are so affectionate, never aggressive, just sometimes afraid, but who can blame them.

They make wonderful loving pets.


Many thanks for your support – it is really appreciated.