Added: 6 October 2021
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Needs a forever home

Cat Senior Extra Large Female

About Mags

DOB:  05/06

Mags is such a large beautiful older girl that needs lots of love and security in her home.  Although 15 years old she is very healthy and agile.  Mags grew up in Cyprus from a kitten with her owner who sadly passed away a couple of years ago, and then was adopted to her current home in the UK 2 years ago.  Her current home has other cats and a dog which is unsettling for Mags, so the decision has now been made to find her a home of her own, with no other pets so she can relax and get total love and attention all to herself.   She needs an experienced cat owner in a quiet home with eventual access to outside during the day once settled.  She is an independent kitty but also very affectionate and chatty.  She can be a bit nippy if stroked in places she don’t like, hence needing an experienced and patient new owner!





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