Added: 23 August 2022
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Male Greek Hound Pups

Needs a forever home

Dog Baby Medium Mixed
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  • About Male Greek Hound Pups

    Madre DOB: 02/20  ****NOW ADOPTED****

    Pups: 21/06/22

    Madre came to my gate for a few months but would run away when approached so I left food and water for her every day until I finally caught her.  Within 24 hours of being with me she bonded and follows me everywhere.  Within 48 hours she gave birth to 7 puppies!!  She is such an affectionate, sweet, very gentle, submissive and playful girl that deserves a quiet home with lots of one to one and cuddles!  Golden boy is daddy!

    Seven puppies.  2 female and 5 male.  Females have secured homes in the UK.  Boys below needing homes – 3 LEFT!



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