Added: 25 May 2022
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Dog Adult Extra Large Male
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  • About BOULDER

    DOB: 07/16

    Turkish Kangal


    Very loyal, loving and gentle boy. He rubs his head and nudges you for love and attention and will follow you wherever you go.  He is great with people and other dogs.  He would make a great one to one loyal doggie friend!

    When we first got Boulder he was only 30 kilos, half his normal weight and so underweight, nearly bald, fur falling out.  He is gaining weight nicely now in just 6 weeks of having him.

    He does have Leishmania, this is a disease caused by a Sandfly and cannot be transmitted to another dog in the UK as the Sandfly does not exist there.

    Treatment is tablets with food every morning (which are cheap) and 6 monthly blood tests until 2 clear reading results show Leishmania no longer in the body, then can stop the medication.  Medication maybe needed more than 18 months.  There are no health issues as long as tablets given every day.  He is a perfectly normal dog!  If medication is stopped before 2 clear readings he will eventually become sick, his organs fail and he will die.   So a responsible, dedicated owner needed.  For more info on this please contact me direct by email

    We have rehomed many dogs with Leishmania and all living happy, healthy lives in the UK.

    Although not tested with cats and kids he does not take any notice when out and sees either.


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