Added: 24 July 2018
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Octavius and Blanket

Needs a forever home

Cat Adult Large Mixed
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  • About Octavius and Blanket


    DOB:  2016.  OCTAVIUS: The most loving, soppy, cuddly big cat anyone would want!!! He is also a chatter box.  He is adorable.  He is a carrier of FIV but please don’t be put off as he don’t actually have the disease and could live for many years, lets hope so 🙂

    DOB:  2016.  BLANKET:  Such an adorable, friendly, laid back, affectionate kitty!  She don’t have FIV but as it is transferred by blood or semen, it is unlikely she will ever get it as Octavius is not interested in mating her and is neutered and they don’t ever fight!  Blanket came to us with a terrible infection in her nose, her face was like a baloon. She had had the infection for a long time, living on the streets, poor girl.  The swelling has gone right down but she does have a slightly misshaped nose, but she is still beautiful inside and out!!

    They snuggle and give kisses to each other all day.  BOTH LAP CATS!

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