Added: 14 September 2020
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Needs a forever home

About Mags

DOB:  2006


CURRENT LOCATION EAST LONDON – can help with transport to any location in UK

This poor girl was left behind when her owner died suddenly.  I found her wandering the streets and brought her home.  She was then homed to the UK but the current owner feels she needs a home without other cats as she is not getting on with the resident ones in the home.  She is a large girl that yearns for security and love in her last years, although that could be many as she is of full health and cats can live up and over 25 years nowadays!  She has a huge character and would need some time in her new home to learn to trust her new owner.  So an experienced person with time to give her.  A quiet home needed in a safe area as she likes to go outside and laze in the warmth of the sun (when it is out!)

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