Cat Colonies

We do not rescue healthy cat colonies – so please do not email us about this. However, we will help an individual cat in a colony that is sick/injured. We also feed colonies in our area and keep an eye on them, as well as run a trap-neuter-release programme, when we have sufficient funds to do so.

What is a Cat Colony?

A cat colony is a group of feral or stray cats that live in a territory, often near food, shelter and water. They may have a hierarchy within the colony. There are a lot of cats in Cyprus who live in colonies.

What We Can Do

Our aim is not to change the lifestyle of these cats by removing them from their natural and familiar environments. Therefore, we do not rescue healthy cat colonies. What we will do is:

  • Feed colonies, as well as street cats and dogs, and keep an eye on them.
  • We also run a “Trap-Neuter-Release” programme when we have the funds to do so. This helps prevent cat numbers from spiralling out of control and their resources from becoming scarce.
  • If there is a sick/injured cat in the colony we will help it, so please contact us.

Trap-Neuter-Release Program

  • Trap-Neuter-Release (or TNR) is the humane and effective way to control stray and feral cats, and provides a life-saving solution for these independent animals.
  • The cats are humanely caught in a small trap and then taken to the vets to be neutered (males) or spayed (females).
  • Many programmes also vaccinate the cats and treat for worms/fleas etc.
  • Once the cat has recovered from their operation, they are released back into their colony.
  • Cats also have a clipped left ear, an internationally-recognised sign making them easily identifiable as having been through TNR, so we don’t waste time catching them again.

The Benefits of TNR

TNR is beneficial to the whole colony, and the community as a whole, as the cats become much better neighbours. Just some of the benefits of TNR include:

  • Prevents further litters, thus stabilising and eventually reducing the colony.
  • Less stress from constant mating/pregnancy, improving the cat’s health.
  • Neutered cats will stop fighting with other cats and cease spraying to mark their territory.
  • Neutered and vaccinated cats are at a much lower risk of contracting and spreading disease.

Who Does TNR in Cyprus?

We do when we have the funds to pay for the operations. Please help us by donating.

Other organisations that run TNR in other areas of Cyprus include: