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30 August 2017    Hertfordshire UK   

We have young children and we were finding it difficult to adopt an adult dog in the UK. Many rescue centres only want families with young children to adopt puppies, the ones who allow you to adopt adult dogs have massive waiting lists. We saw Sadie advertised and contacted June at CPH to show our interest. I was slightly apprehensive as I would have liked to meet the dog before committing to adopting. But once I had spoken to June I realised that she knew Sadie inside out. It was very obvious her and Michael love every animal they rescue. We applied to adopt Sadie and were successful. She arrived and fitted into our family perfectly. She has made the most wonderful family pet. I would highly recommend CPH.

18 July 2017    Livingston, Scotland   

We have had Bonnie now for just over a year and we love her sooooo much. Bonnie has spinal damage but it does not stop her. She is smart, cheeky and loving and she has come on in leaps and bounds, literally. I cannot praise CPH enough for everything they do to help these poor animals, they are utterly selfless people. The adoption process is simple so if you are thinking of adopting do not hesitate. CPH thank you for allowing us to adopt such a beautiful little soul.

19 February 2017    West Yorkshire   

We adopted Ravioli (now Conker) in October last year. We were understandably worried having never met him, especially as we already had a dog, but June knows their characters so well. We spoke to other adopters, decided to take the chance and so glad we did! He's amazing and has fitted into our family brilliantly. We have now also adoped a cat, Pasta (now Woody) who has fitted in just as well. Love our little Greek animals 💕

18 February 2017    Location teignmouth   

Comment *Adopted 3 in july, after a long drive to heathrow picked up our kitties and drove home. After a few days they were happy to approach us in their room and soon allowed to meet our other cats. We did have a gippy tummy to sort but apart from that they are the most loving friendly furries imaginable, we wouldn't be without their characters and love. Highly recommend adopting from June.

18 February 2017    EASTBOURNE   

We adopted a beautiful puppy from June they are very good natured dog and deserve good homes .June and her team are very supportive and answer any questions you have I will be getting another dog off them when I move

18 February 2017    London   

I had just had my cat put to sleep and was wanting to adopt another when I came across a little cat called Mystery. I liked the videos that were put up and the interaction with June as you can get a good idea of how the animals are with humans. Cyprus Pride House know their animals well and the description of them is very accurate . The whole process was very easy and was met by a lovely volunteer at Heathrow airport to help with the paperwork and animal handover. Mystery is such a lovely affectionate little cat and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending adopting from them. I'm hoping to adopt a dog from them also . Thanks to June and everyone else thats involved with their tireless work with all the abandoned and mistreated animals . Isabel & Mystery x

18 February 2017    Glasgow   

Albie is a pure white long-haired cat who was found straying as a kitten in Cyprus. He wouldn't have lasted long if Cyprus Pride House hadn't rescued him as he is completely deaf, which would make him very vulnerable on the streets. We adopted him in April last year when he was about eight months old. He settled in quickly with our senior cat and was perfectly litter trained and very confident. Now, at 18 months old, he is still very kittenish in many ways, so entertaining and playful. He loves to be cuddled and to sleep next to us. I'm so glad I found the CPH website and June paired us with our gorgeous little boy.

17 December 2016    Halifax   

We adopted Twizzle three years ago from CPH and was the best thing we ever did. The adoption process so easy so much so that we are adopting again with Humbug and will continue adopting from June and Michael. They give up so much to give these animals a chance. Twizzle (now Banjo) settled in extremely well and he is just gorgeous and is loved to bits. When you actually witness the plight of these poor creatures in Cyprus you just feel that you have to help and the amount of love that you get in return is priceless. I feel that June has become a friend as will many others that have adopted from CPH and when you come to the site and see that innocent little face looking back at you, how can you resist. You just have to adopt. A big thank you June and Michael for all you do and making everything so easy with the adoption process.

26 June 2016    Yorkshire UK   

My experience with adopting from Cyprus Pride House was fantastic. Three years ago we saw a litter of adorable puppies born in the shelter and applied to adopt one as a companion for a pup we already had. We named him Paddy and June called him that while a check on my suitability was made by a friendly person. I had a pot on my arm and couldn't drive when the time came to collect him from Heathrow but a lovely lady delivered him. He settled well and is adored by all.

24 January 2016    Bedford   

After loosing Keith our big fluffy boy, who terrorised the neighbourhood I started googling cat rescues and stumbled on CPH.
I am so glad! June was brilliant at helping find a cat that would fit into our household with children and the whole process was so straightforward, taking less than 3 weeks.
When Eclair arrived she was so scared she hid for almost a week, giving us the odd dirty look. Within a month she has transformed into the best cat alive. The minute you sit down she's on your lap, she follows us everywhere and is simply the sweetest, most friendly little cat I've ever met. The family is all completely smitten with her, she's given us so much joy and we love her dearly. If you're thinking of rescuing a pet then speak to June and Michael, we're so glad we did.